Welcome to the Commons

“Innovations and ideas always follow the same pattern of remixing existing creations and building a new flavor, based on inspiration and knowledge you gain through the input of others.”

Unknown Author


So you made your way through a variety of links. And finally ended up at this promising reading space.

What is allmende.io about?

allmende.io is a finite automaton for inspiration and knowledge. We collaborativly create a modular toolbox, enabling individuals to improve their communities incrementally.

We are not commited to a specific political point of view, but want to enable you to discuss your ideas freely.

Help us in making this a great place for discussion. If you are not sure your contribution might be meaningful, we invite you to pick one of the tools and just get started:

ready to use

META Discussions, decision finding and idea formulation.

LIST Mailing List maps@list.allmende.io.

TEXT Etherpads for collaborative writing.

BLOG Announcements and essayistic supervision of these processes.


RIOT Quick, immediate Exchange of questions, ideas and thoughts.

WIKI Documentation, Conceptualization and Every-Point-Of-View Wiki.


Right now we are still linking to external tools, as we love to share their spirits:

CODE Collection of software that we adopted to our needs.

ORGA Lifecycle-oriented Process management following Kanban principles.

We encourage individuals to pick up any of the ideas discussed on this premises or to get in touch and collaboratively work on them.

We are sourcing ideas and thoughts, building another node inside a variety of Commons inspirations.

Watch this space for further announcements, explanations or random rants regarding the allmende.io grid.

Yours truly sincerely,

Daniel, Samuel und Jon

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For a more up to date perspective on allmende.io activities and offers, please refer to Opening the circle of maintainers and publics