Time planning and (a)synchronisation

Fortsetzung des Gesprächs Abstimmungstool:

We can have an iCal Feed from Trello that you can subscribe to. It’s hidden inside the Calendar Power-up on the right side.

Maybe for more decent planning, we would need another small webapp to integrate different iCal sources. And a collective provider, of course. I know that OA2 is capable of this. I’m also missing a central file repository for our activities, next to contacts management as well. Unfortunately ownCloud and Open Exchange don’t support connected iCal feeds, only one time import. eXo community, the other platform I’ve found earlier, has it. But I’m also still curious about what wachstumswende will have to offer. How was your chat with Simon?

For time management I’m still proposing TeamWeek as I haven’t found anything similiar. We could arrange a supported plan, if needed. Sometimes I’m even dreaming of an integration of a Trello/Kanban board as a backlogish interface for it. The tools are never as good as our imagination. :sunny:

Do you know the SIMILE Timeline or the most beautiful timelines on the web over at Preceden?

I think I found a wonderful one: http://openproject.org/

I’ve had a quick look at OpenProject and don’t find it suitable for collective process orchestration. It focuses mainly on agile software development practices and doesn’t supply a user interface, that would be easily understandable to the non-experienced user.