Online Decision Making Tools

Just a short vote statement and additional comment: I voted on using Loomio, because I think in the medium/long term it appears to be an interesting tool to use: it is open source, it is consensus oriented, it has a nice interface. Maybe your integration into discourse would be even nicer - I am very much in favor of integration when possible, rather than split apart tools; I would love an integration into the Drupal/Open Atrium group structure, particularly the new (which is a platform solution that emerged from a year-long political process, to try to address precisely the things that we are discussing here) :wink: In short: getting the workflow/updates to be visible at a central place (like it is now, with Trello, Discourse/ting, Loomio, it’s just confusing and a way to get lost for the normal mortal being.

I agree that the broader discussion on this should be about the communication channels and tools on the long term. First, from a very pragmatic perspective: it is a wast of time (or raising the noise like you said). Second, from a political perspective, it is not legitimate for a group of people that actually manage to use the set of tools that we are using now, to decide how decisions of such a diverse movement are taken. If we want to do this and be representative, then we have to do it in proper place, calling a presential meeting, outreaching to whoever has interest or at least to all that were in the process in Munich.

I think that for what we have to do now, we don’t really need a lot of decision making. What we need mostly is getting tasks done (what we are sorting out in Trello) and collaborative work (Etherpads). My experience is also that, if a group focus on collaborative work with tools like Etherpads, then the need for taking decisions is eliminated for most of the things - real time editing of texts makes the things flow naturally into a consensus.

A project/time management is definitely missing me, I completely lost the overview of what is the timeplan, or if we even ever started working on one.