Root server sharing under supervision of Ecobytes?

Yes, that’s correct, a VM for a Sharetribe instance. @almereyda

@auli @ArneBo @bezdomny @a_corbi could you please all register via

as @gualter requested

Did already last thursday or friday.

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@gualter Can we get an update about how many replies we already received?

Hya everyone, listen up!

Your favourite self-organized Hosting provider just got its mind together and concluded the following:

  • @gualter agreed on provisioning an IPv4 Subnet for our current setup today, which can always be extended when needed.
  • @aporia, @bezdomny, @auli and @ArneBo, please fill out the membership form (as stated multiple times above) on to gain access to the Ecobytes infrastructure.
  • @elfpavlik Do we have any replies or further signs of interest from GEN world, yet?
    Maybe this can be thought together in the broader drupal context with Edgeryders, Open Local, Transition Network, co-munity and all the others (Did I miss some?). I may ask freistilbox for some initial advice.
  • @a_corbi We’re very glad to welcome you as the first official new community member of this batch! Keep up the sincere work.

@almereyda let’s start with whoever already confirmed and then move on to clarifying all the other possible participations! I requested from ER finalizing membership agreements and transferring appropriate fees

I still try to find common time with @unteem to see if Future of Waste needs a virtual machine!

Filled it


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Let’s add to the list of shared instances providing common services Open Bank Project

This way Ecobytes can make finances fully transparent very soon. Also I know that @ArneBo wanted to use it for Ecobasa and some other projects! OuiShare will need it as well, I believe other non-profit projects will follow :smiley:

@almereyda @elfpavlik appologies for delay, was offline for a while during transmediale. back now!

Dear partners,

in confirmation of your successful applications for Ecobytes membership, I have to know now which kind of Virtual Machine you expect.

Please specify if you have special requirements : if not specified as below

  • Number of cores : 2 (HTT)
  • RAM : 1 GB
  • Disk space : 20 GB
  • Operating System : Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS

As we have direct access to the virtualization stack, we can offer any kind of operating system that runs on KVM / libvirt. If you are around Berlin, we can also meet for setting things up @ArneBo.

@aporia @bezdomny @ArneBo @auli Thanks for filling out the form.

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