Open Source Circular Economy Days

Hi everyone.

@almereyda If the offer is still one, we are in. Not for Future of Waste though. It’s not on the agenda for now but still something that we can think of in the future with the whole ecosystem MakeSense.

We are interested for the Open Source Circular Economy Days. A kind of hackaton that will be from the 11th to the 15th of June in several places simultaneously. The concept is to help during those 5 days initiatives that work on open source for a circular economy. We want to connect all those local events so we need to build a proper platform with an ecosystem of different tools. For now we only have a Wordpress to present the event (I would actually be interested to have your thoughts on what we could use but probably not the place to discuss it).

We thought about some tools that we can start using now:

  • Discourse
  • OwnCloud
  • Etherpad
  • Loomio

So yep, let me know what is possible and I would be happy to discuss on what we could build to make the best of those OSCEdays.

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@unteem, not sure what you already talked with @almereyda, but in principle should be no problem to provide those services to you. I think apart from Loomio we already have everything running on our infrastructure and would definitely be great to have some more concrete use cases to optimize the articulation between these tools.

Looking at the offers of IndieHosters, I think you’re best with running ownCloud with them, until we as Ecobytes found a way to do so, too. I.e. by cooperating with them through @auli from OuiShare who wants to run an IndieHost for themselves.

Further on, as @elfpavlik shared a private link to your Discourse instance, I think it would be best to follow the Discourse Farm Idea together with unMonastery and TransforMap, so we can offer a reliable hosting and free you from the DigitalOcean dependency you are currently paying for.

For Etherpads we are using which is in a quite good state. The readme could need some work, though. You could give it a run after providing your SSH key.

Running Loomio is one of Ecobytes long-term targets which can currently not yet be scheduled. The infrastructure for running it is there, though. If you would like to give it a try @unteem, I could give you access to our Dokku-alt instance. Then, TransforMap would later also profit from your efforts.

@unteem There is still an empty virtual machine reserved for OSCE. With experiences from a recent migration for TransforMap, @toka and me can safely state this is done in a few clicks. Would you like to dispose your commercial DigitalOcean and rather go with a community-supported infrastructure?

Do you still need your own Etherpad? This could be quickly set up.