Exit condition


we have discovered ways of how to approach the practical side of sharing responsibility. Yet there may also be a more principal side to it, a guiding principle to be able to test when allmende.io was successful and can be retired again: an exit condition. This may be improved further on. Here is a first take at it:

Networks are hard, and populations are attracted to commercial data silos. We intend to liberate the user’s data and provide a self-governed medium for expression and communication.

  1. We design and remix web software templates to be reusable and reused.
  2. This allows multiple instances of above templates to be deployed individually for domain-specific communities.
  3. This allows communities and their users to participate via multiple name spaces.
  4. This allows customisation of domain names, if needed.
  5. Altogether we provided documented and reusable communication stacks for distributed self-organisation.

The templates are built on the ecobytes libre.sh platform and are targeted at everyday user groups and a living developer ecosystem.