Continuing the discussion from Ecobytes + allmende.io = :heart:?:

Hi Ben, Kei and unCrew

Note: This is a rewrite of our email from July, 11th 14:46.

As you may have noticed the setup of unmonastery.org doesn’t work in a very reliable way now.Also we don’t want to launch bus.matera.io, beni.matera.io, etc. into the wild without a proper setup for deployment.

We have a card about securing a dedicated VM for such purposes, which is highly outdated. Currently we’re squatting idd22:'s HostEurope VPS. Hazem did an internship there. And Jon works with them since half a decade.

The Edgeryders option doesn’t seem to play out well, either. @gualter and @almereyda maintain the Ecobytes infrastructure.

We would like to propose offering a donation to them and use a dedicated VM and one or two IPs on their infrastructure.

Currently they use a 32GB RAM machine,and will upgrade their other 12GB to 32GB soon.

Maybe we as unMonastery could offer covering a fee for a year to share that machine?

We see it justified especially if we plan to host matera.io services in a professional way!

Let’s use the existing tools like dokuwiki we already have, but in next months we may appreciate more appropriate, nicer tools for Remote Working

current unMonastery online services

With such a proper setup, we could reclaim the autonomy about our current services.


generic services used for above

non unmonastery

  • extinct.ly/blog (@allmende)

Comparing to other ethical hosting providers

Spin off thread https://edgeryders.eu/en/unmonastery/hosting-unmonastery-online-services

Hey, this sounds good to me. I was looking into VPS droplets via DigitalOcean for other projects and thought of moving unMon + Matera there, but it would be quite useful to have all unMon properties through one (reliable) service.

So what would be the yearly fee? And next steps?

@aporia could you check with Ben how much he pays for hosting those two -news.unmonastery.org blogs on ghost.org? maybe migrating them + redirecting same payment to ecobytes would make for a good start…

Okay, last receipt from ghost was 8 GBP - it seems like they just increased their pricing plans though. we could start with a $10/ month kind of fee? either paid yearly or whatever, just let me know!

This service is now up and running.

Derived from a private email conversation, we are now approaching Discourse and the other services (Ghost, unmonastery.net).



James got Discourse running in Docker. It is live on http://discourse.unmonastery.org/.


So far, existing services like Ghost and unmonastery.org have not been touched.


Ecobytes will (have to) offer backups soon, we’re just not yet sure how this is going to happen.

Further on there is a conversation around running an Ecobytes Discourse farm.