Single Sign On software appliances

We’re looking for solutions for Single Sign On, and this is one possibility.

It looks really nice as a user interface. It allows to write ldap. It even has 2FA \o/

I’ll try it right now and document it on the way.

First thing is that it would be nice to have a compose file to get started:


I investigated gluu, and looked like docker will be proprietary…

On the way we have come across various architectorial race conditions which led to their own cluster management which we cannot buy into.

Then why not build on smaller integrated deployments. We also know of Lemon::LDAP, now also Stonecutter (on Docker).

Were there other deployment paths which we were investigating, next to FreeIPA + Project Ipsilon?

I’d say, let’s solve ldap first and then let’s see how to OpenIDconnect on top.

Also this would be nice :slight_smile:

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