Root server sharing under supervision of Ecobytes?

As this discussion moves to a stable point and OuiShare needs an answer soon, I propose that we go with the following community memberships and scale the Ecobytes infrastructure when needed.

Please indicate, if you need Mail hosting as it is its own topic with different requirements (Self managed on an own server and IP? / managed by the Ecobytes collective? / …).
Also the need for seperate IPs and Control Panels, often changing domains, etc. should be mentionned beforehand, so we can lay out appropriate services.

Current State

  • Donative Membership from Edgeryders @elfpavlik
    • drupal testdrives in PaaS if it makes sense to migrate to community owned self dogfooding at Ecobytes.
  • VM / PaaS for unMonastery @aporia
  • VM for a Sharetribe instance, right? @bezdomny
  • VM / PaaS / Mail for Open Steps @a_corbi
  • IndieHosters VM + IaaS / PaaS for OuiShare @auli
    • They also have Mail needs for applications and users.
    • Self hosted doesn’t yet sound too convincing to them. Therefore they intend to use what they pay for at Webfaction, where their Rails sites run.
    • Mailgun and Mandrill offer even more sophisticated integrations.
    • In terms of self dogfooding, Ecobytes invites every organization to challenge its infrastructure with their needs, so we can scale it to meet their requirements.
    • We could start this for OuiShare by staging their applications and testing them thoroughly. Also Mail Services could be an entry point.
  • VM for Ecobasa @ArneBo
  • VM for hackers4peace @elfpavlik

Open Questions

  • Future of Waste @unteem
    • Answer pending
  • GEN @elfpavlik
    • Their needs don’t seem to be outscaling the Ecobytes infrastructure. Therefore I propose we approach them again and explain our community idea again.
    • Especially in terms of drupal, connecting the efforts of Edgeryders, Ecobytes, GEN and somehow also OuiShare Labs appears reasonable to me.

Can we expect the Transition Network (also drupal?) and Elevate to be out of the discussion @gualter @elfpavlik?

If everybody agrees and applies for membership, we can start migrating your services from next week on.

Bigger organizations like OuiShare and GEN are encouraged to add a donation to their membership.

Ecobytes will make sure its machines are not overloaded and provides an additional Physical Machine if neccessary.

We’re further reaching out to other non-commercial hosting providers like IN-BERLIN or IndieHosters, to align services and share experience.