Real-time resource representation : OuiShare Labs Camp, DSpace and Open311

@samuel, after following a new trace delivered by @Thomas, I had to investigate further into OuiShare Labs Camp just before the OuiShare Fest in Paris. (You’re still coming? Maybe you should come a little earlier :wink: )

What I have been conveyed was the work of @elfpavlik and his peers, most notably the DSpace architecture.

A short transcript from a Facebook chat:

24.03.2014 06:34 Pavlik Elf
i do code… one of experiments i worked on lately -
Mittwoch 26.03.2014 23:12 Jon Richter
nice one.
Heute 07:11 Jon Richter
you should have a quick read of part I.4. of
From taxonomies towards an SSE Ontology, esp. concerning Polyeconomy
07:13 Jon Richter
and how an open, algorithmic real-time representation/tracking of SOCIAL AND economic systems could help in constructing (do you speak german? gestalten.) new epistemologies for new institutions.

@species Does Elevate mean, you have been in touch with them already? Or @onYOURway?

I wonder how we relate these experiments to the efforts. Also I’d like to see if we could join efforts with OuiShare Labs affiliates, as DSpace also relies on CouchDB while building on remoteStorage, too. And they explicitly state semantic technologies and federated identities as visions.

@klaus @daniel @gualter @helmut @Giuliana

Ouishare Labs, I will be there! Wonderful!