Presentation - Introduction


(Don’t know if it’s the right place to do, but well, sorry :slight_smile: )

I contacted Gualter 2 weeks ago to get involved with EcoByte, and he send me this link.

I really like these projects, and I feel at my place with you! This is exactly the kind of people/mind I was looking for!

Quick presentation: I’m devops for with chef, and developing in rails from time to time. I’m interested in javascript (meteor for now), docker and RasPis. I would like to quit my job, to focus on projects like this one, but I would need some resources for that. Still trying to figure out some ways. I’m also pationnated about decentralising Internet, and dreaming about distributed social network since the first plugcomputer back in 2009.

The idea is called SAUGCDN, and you can find a bit more here: . Still didn’t have time to develop this thought!

For now, I don’t have much time to give, maybe like 5hours a week. But I’ll be glad to join the crew, and provide the best tools to activists, and every mindset that want to make the world a better place.

I’m based in Portugal, but don’t speak German…(yet :slight_smile: )

After reading all the threads, I start to understand (a bit) the connections between 14mmm, ecobyte, and co-munity.

If you can point me to some directions, for me to start to help, that would be great!


Salut Pierre,

it wouldn’t be hard to ask for your help, if there was anything to do. If you have a Trello identity, I can add you to our planning board, but first we have to see if @gualter / Ecobytes will have some resources left to provide an infrastructure. Or how we meet in the middle. I see a fair chance there will be something.

I can provide you with a lot of resources on redecentralization of the internet, but I’m sure you’re well aware of the ongoing discussions already.

(Please take into account that you can set the user interface of this Discourse forum to the locale you like : top-right avatar > Einstellungen > …)

Nice having talked,


Ich habe den Beitrag in ein vorhandenes Thema verschoben: Ecobytes + = :heart:?

I’m also eagerly waiting for this involvement. Please refer to my last post for the current discussion.