Federated Commons Cloud

@gualter and me are preparing work for a federated commons cloud. It still needs to be scoped fully, but first ideas are:

  • an OpenID Connect auth service for SSO within the cloud
  • sharing of infrastructure between associated initiatives

First partners could be






Now that we are sketching more ideas, it is maybe also worth looking at the FIware Lab open call 2015:


Deadline : October 29th

It seems FIware have completely reworked their web representation at

Also they communicated some more details and numbers via their blog:


Depending on the support level offered, the maximum EC contribution for individual proposals is from 250.000 € to 325.000 €.


@almereyda I can see the big picture, but you have to give me more details.

When you say cloud, you say one PaaS that is easy to deploy docker on, and when you add one server, everything is automatic? When you say “sharing”, do you mean sharing the server and/or sharing the work?

What would you expect/how can we help on that?

There is this discussion going on also: https://github.com/clouder-community/clouder/issues/55 (as an alternative to plesk…)

1 „Gefällt mir“

Cross-linking to the implementation in course for degrowth: https://tree.taiga.io/project/gandhiano-degrowth-2016/us/27?milestone=39302

Also a nice article (in German) describing a bit our work in Budapest: http://roland.alton.at/roland/rolog/degrowth-infrahack

Further production-ready components, including optimizations for performance and scalability:

  • Drupal (with Aegir interface for management, hosted in cloud-ready environment, meaning possibility to migrate sites on one command across different machines)
  • Wordpress (simple deployment of single sites or network installations)

Other components/services:

  • Mailman 2
  • Etherpad (we should also look at board.net etherpad deployment)