Desaster response scenarios for our community-supported infrastructure

In the Matrix channel, @gualter asked:

any thoughts on how to use our resources (servers, software, knowledge) with purpose to support the collective needs regarding the Corona-crisis (isolation with home office, educational needs and so on)?

In course of that, @ponder suggested to upgrade the Nextcloud Talk integration to support proper video chat via a coturn server.

Previously @yova had tried to reutilise the setup from our Matrix instance, which didn’t prove to be working well in the end. Some configuration regarding certificates or shared secres might help to resolve the issues here.

Further he suggested to set up a Minecraft server to allow people play games. In course of this suggestion I have also revealed that I set up an server that calls itself Circus Homo Novus and answers to the password 12347.

@ponder continues:

a shopping-service would be nice. you can see a lot of offers popping up. either neighbours or even taxi drivers are offering to shop for those in a risk group, i.e. those who can’t leave ther home. … i guess it would be better to use facebook or whatsapp or other well known and wide spread services for this.

… what about specialized software for education like studip for schools? Would that not be a better fit?

As well as @gualter:

I think the basic features of nextcloud with document sharing, online conferencing and maybe calendar, would be more than enough and easier to start with for most uses. the same goes for shopping services: you can just have a shared document for that, building up such a platform and getting people to use it amid a crisis would be very intensive (you also need a smartphone app for it)

What other possibilities can we offer to increase social resilience by providing digital means of communication and collaboration?

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