"Citizen Science in the Humanities as a Novel Method for Engagement of Citizens with eInfrastructures"

An extract from an event report, which I liked. @gualter Can you see where our arguments connect below?

This initial discussion focused on requirements from the point of view of digital infrastructures, researchers and cultural heritage professionals. Citizen science domain is complex, with a range of stakeholders (academic institutions, cultural heritage institutions, funding bodies, citizen activists’ organisations, as well as the media). Users from all these groups use eInfrastructures which help to involve citizen scientists in ongoing initiatives – however their requirements to the eInfrastructures range from discovering a project and contributing to it for the citizens taking part to management functions, following motivation and quality, and managing rights for the managers of ongoing projects. An initial model of requirements is currently being developed and hopefully it would help to illustrate what citizen science means for various stakeholders;