CfP : 01 05 2014 : International Semantic Web Conference : In Use Track

There is a Call for Paper for the International Semantic Web Conference, which still runs until first of may.

I wonder if it might be interesting to go with MMM there, as we might need further networking with actual developers of linked data technology.

FYI, parallely I’m trying to prepare a talk at the World Congress of Semiotics, 16. - 20.09.2014 in Sofia, in the session Neogeo-Semiotic Synthesis:

Geosemiotics of mapping : visualizing heterotopias

draft outline:

  • mapping heterotopias : raising public awareness for “alternative modi operandi”
  • the problem of representing the diverse field of “alternatives” as semantic ontologies
  • discoursive techniques of power within voluntary collaborative frameworks
  • synthesis : learning from collective practice and dynamic data models

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