Care, Commons and Communities

From working within some loosely-coupled, federated communities, we have come to the understanding that it is hard to locate careing commons inbetween them. We are tracking a media perspective here.

First we start with an organisational understanding, which tells us about the shapes social bodies employ once the make use of certain media, i.e. for communication or documentation.

Then we understand how a community is nothing but reified by communication between peers, which in term form groups that can belong to a federation. These conglomerates and filaments shape the boundaries of a secured commons.

An example of a perfectly fine open-source and federated communication is the Matrix ecosystem, further described below.

Since we aim at shaping process that sustain, not only for their own sake and interest, but for the care of others. We enter the critical field of careing economics, that bring in questions of intersectionality, inclusiveness and invaluation of not-for-profit labour, let’s say the other side of the coin of voluntary simplicity.

Within this regard, next to others, we know individuals from the Yunity collective, who like to take Care of others. This touches the whole of health infrastructures in self-organised manner.

Another collective we know which works in this direction is Gesundheitskollektiv Berlin.

Ideas coming from here are continuing to be described in: