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I’ve recently found ProduceRun, which is a fork of catarse, a crowdfunding platform, and being used for local food communities. Maybe that could be another starting point for your, esp. when monetary exchanges will have to be considered.

How should we move on with this? @elfpavlik, any additions?

Hi, I looked at that project now the inteface looks similar, is there the possibility of putting in a map like sharetribe?

Apologies for silence! @almereyda if you like, I could put few days towards setting up Sharetribe as mealsharing platform. I also plan to work with interop between Foodsharing, Foodsaving, Foodcoops, Food Assemblies and CSAs :smile:

I’ve just learned bezdomny means homeless in the polish language. So let’s do it when I’m back home from the 27th on.

1 „Gefällt mir“

After accidentally stumbling into Edward West from Hylo, who are closely working in connecting to co:budget and Loomio, too, he told me they just released the source code to :smile:

@bezdomny Please have a look at the hosted site, with a networks feature coming in two weeks, and tell us if it would also suit your needs? It seems a little more leightweight than Sharetribe.

What do you think, @elfpavlik?

Hi @elfpavlik and @almereyda

The needs of Bimea have changed and it seems to fit your suggestions. Our most recent activities in Athens have involved organising and executing PopUp style event for refugees in Athens. Here is a link to recent one (photo essay): So what we need now is a site that allows people to find people that are selling ethnic food in their neighbourhood, we will focus on neighborhood of Kypseli, the one with highest concentration of immigrants. It will still be the basic concept of Bimea but instead of allowing travellers to sell/trade food items purchased abroad, it will allow “migrants” to sell items they import from their own countries (something they are already doing), and also to connect with people that want to buy their food.

Still happy to Launch and work in this direction