Backbone 409: Autonomous infrastructures for a free Internet


part of the unhosted mailing list, I received that. I though you might be interested. I might go, still trying to figure out my agenda for June, but this looks like the gathering I want to follow!

below the mail we received :

Backbone 409: Autonomous infrastructures for a free Internet

June 14-15 2014, Calafou, near Barcelona

A gathering of projects actively building infrastructures for a free Internet from an anti-capitalist point of view: autonomous servers, open networks, online services, platforms, open hardware, free software, etc.

The recent revelations about mass surveillance by states and corporations made the idea of a free Internet more topical than ever before, and at the same time generated popular interest in the topic. There are people who are looking at us to provide solutions and many others who just got interested about the topic and look for ways to get involved.

We are organizing a two-day event mixing round table discussions with practical workshops on security, outreach, knowledge sharing, usability, sustainability, synergies between projects, legal issues, etc.

To challenge the language barrier which often excludes Spanish speaking people from Southern Europe and Latin America from the Anglo-Saxon discourse, and the other way around, we will provide simultaneous interpretation.

If you are interested in coming, please contact us so we can build a list of participants and structure the content accordingly.

In solidarity,

Backbone 409:


maxigas, kiberpunk FA00 8129 13E9 2617 C614 0901 7879 63BC 287E D166

The event sounds nice, but unfortunately I won’t have the resources to support another movement any further. Also their topics appear quite broad to me.

As they want to focus on non-english speaking people and empower some, I’d rather not take the place of someone else.

Yes, I kind of agree with you. I killed my enthusiasm :slight_smile:

It’s just after seeing your group, that is similar, somehow, to, which is also similar to, and here is the list :

I just thought that it would be great to organise a conference to meet each other, and I thought this event was great, but well, I’ll see!


Hey @pierre_ozoux, that’s fabulous news you provide here. Framasoft appeared in the outskirts already, of course the autistici links too, but I haven’t seen such comprehensive lists of alternate service providers, yet.

One could also talk to Michiel from Unhosted, as he has been writing about a non-profit hosting provider and aims in a good direction. He’s also in the latest Redecentralize video interview.

I saw the video yesterday, great interview. I’m trying to get in contact with him. He wanted to organise a half year meeting in Lisbon for Unhosted. But I don’t have much success. He wanted to come to LXJS also, Lisbon javascript meeting, without much success neither. Wait and see.

But a gathering could be nice. To see how to mutualise the knowledge, and maybe some infrastructure also.

Maybe it is the Backbone 409 thing, then.

If you’re interested, and privately message me your username, I would like to add you to a Trello board where we are structuring the process. Basically it’s a collection of tools we’d like to be or have been implementing.

And about Michiel, never mind. He’s a digital nomad and you never know where he’s popping up next :wink:

I’m here :smile:

Yeah, I don’t know if we have quorum for an Unhos meeting this spring, I thought we might want to do it in September.

About Calafou, I could give a talk in Spanish if that’s useful. But I don’t plan my travel so far ahead. I cannot commit yet to anything in June, sorry!

Thanks for proposing me for LXJS btw, saw that on Twitter! :slight_smile:

But talk to Basti, see his post here: