Open Source Circular Economy Days

Looking at the offers of IndieHosters, I think you’re best with running ownCloud with them, until we as Ecobytes found a way to do so, too. I.e. by cooperating with them through @auli from OuiShare who wants to run an IndieHost for themselves.

Further on, as @elfpavlik shared a private link to your Discourse instance, I think it would be best to follow the Discourse Farm Idea together with unMonastery and TransforMap, so we can offer a reliable hosting and free you from the DigitalOcean dependency you are currently paying for.

For Etherpads we are using which is in a quite good state. The readme could need some work, though. You could give it a run after providing your SSH key.

Running Loomio is one of Ecobytes long-term targets which can currently not yet be scheduled. The infrastructure for running it is there, though. If you would like to give it a try @unteem, I could give you access to our Dokku-alt instance. Then, TransforMap would later also profit from your efforts.