Global Free Store Meeting 2018 in Witzenhausen

The Umsonstladen Stoffwechsel Team from Witzenhausen agreed to be ready to host the Global Free Store Meeting 2018 (Globales Umsonstladen Treffen (GUT)) as a follow up of the 2017 Meeting in Innsbruck. There we already realized that we have a strong affinity towards aspects of nutrition and the questions around food production. The meeting probably will take pace at the End of September (20.-23.) in our lovely agroecological university town of Witzenhausen, situated right in the center of germany. Here we’ll have a nice setting to further elaborate on the questions how to organize the most important commons food, land and water.

Maybe we can combine this meeting with partying a CommonsFest together with the several local organizers of common infrastructure.

Next steps will be identifying partners (local, regional, global) and examine possibilities to get funding for travel costs.

We’ll use this discourse Instance for online preparation of the event. Here we have a pad for noting ideas.

We’ll have a coordination meeting in the end of march. If anyone outside of Witzenhausen is interested to join, we may be able to arrange a jitsi call or so. Please fill this framadate if you are interested to participate.

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